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eLearning – an insight

eLearning – an insight

The idea of eLearning or web based training is to popularize an in depth, convenient, interactive mode of education through a web school. Scientific research reveals that the best way of learning methodologies are the mix and match of three modes namely Instructor Led, Web Based and Computer Based. The popular terms are ILT , WBT and CBT.

The more demand of career orientation in this highly competitive professional world and the simultaneous problems of routine study system through the formal mode of education (ILT) have left us with the only option of eLearning.

The reach of the Internet to the furthest corner of the world has really eliminated the geographical distance. The forum and online help have made eLearning real time. The laptop has added on the flexibility to continuously enhance his skill even while traveling.

The more, the learners bend down to web based training or computer based training, the entire education system becomes content dependent. Brushing aside the difference in potential of human beings, the key factor in instructor led training, a process oriented training can be imparted only through nicely designed content.

As content development is a continuous process, the content gets refined through various stages and considering the invaluable feedback of the users.

The modern age, blessed with technology marvels, has observed enormous opportunities of content based education, which can reach a learner to unlimited bandwidth of education.

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