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Online Examination

Online Examination

The world is advancing every nanosecond; can Skill Hut leave any stone unturned to forge ahead? In today’s web savvy world online multiple choice question (MCQ) is set to play its innings changing the pattern of examination forever. Skill Hut has kept up with the requirement of their discerning clientele by perfecting an online examination system for colleges.

Each candidate taking the online examination gets a set of randomly picked up questions from the bank for that subject. A unique user name and password is absolutely essential for any student to log on to the online examination for any college. These facets make it almost impossible for two or more students to only dream of copying even while taking the online examination together.

The questions supplied by the faculty members of various departments form distinct levels for either the same or different subjects taught at the college. A student may gauge their enhancement in a particular topic by appearing for the same level multiple times. It even holds good for students who fail to qualify for any module. The results are depicted graphically for ease of understanding. The students may opt for harder levels to test their mettle.

The results are displayed for each test taken leaving no scope for confusion. A summary of correct answers enable the candidates to view their mistakes almost simultaneously saving on precious human resource and invaluable time.

Skill Hut has traversed into conducting online examinations for college students to enable colleges advance a step further towards becoming completely automated in their functioning. The whole process of conducting examinations online will become a cakewalk for the college authorities as the student will have to simply log in and tick on the appropriate answers. As and when the stipulated time limit expires the student will be logged off and the results displayed. This advent of Skill Hut is a huge leap towards the dream of bringing colleges online.

So jump on to the Skill Hut bandwagon by becoming one of our elite clientele and procure our online systems. The ease with which a student travels through the maze of our online examination system reveals our efficacy.

Even something as critical as an examination, is wrapped in a slick and smart atmosphere, where the blessings of technology marvels play the pivotal role.

The prime objective of enhancing speed and accuracy is never lost from sight while endearing to quality the hallmark of Skill Hut.

So, online examination system is the next step that should stand any college in good stead towards attaining the ultimate goal of becoming smart. Moreover conducting examinations online saves on manpower costs, aids students becomes compliant with the Go-Green policy of the Government of India.

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