To inspire an internet orbit where in students, teachers and parents unite.
Shaping a new dawn, which the colleges of West Bengal aspire for by enabling online student facilitation
To virtually remain a reliable helpline for all categories of services offered online.

Corporate sustainability matrix and community orientation are the two main pillars, on which Skill Hut has been rocking ahead. Skill Hut has always tried to reinforce the implicit belief that transparency and honesty can lead us to the long term benefits. The unimaginable trust and confidence shown by several clients from different parts of the world have certified our vision and defined the triumphant success story for us.

Skill Hut, since its inception in 2004, has been able to embrace varied segments as a part of its business strategy. It is the fertility and indomitable desire with its hard earned acumen that have been steering to continuous victories in this competitive world.

Historically Skill Hut had been promoted by the people with high degree of professional accomplishments during their working endeavors and the same philosophy has been percolated nicely through the ladder of Skill Hut using a top down approach.

When the flag of Skill Hut is hoisted even in places like Malayasia, Texas, San Francisco, Cyprus, each member of Skill Hut shares the pride, because it is the team game, which has lead Skill Hut to such a deep penetration in such a shorter time span.

Quest of Innovation, inclination to Research orientation and the innate technology strength of Skill Hut guarantee a tangible value-addition and quality in the throughput of your web related business processes at a highly competitive price to yield insights for smarter business decisions and services that will evolve you to an on demand business.

A Continuous Process for improvement

The people of Skill Hut have an infinite passion for improvement considering invaluable feedback from our esteemed clients, which keeps us on track with our philosophy of focusing on customers’ priorities first.