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Standard and Practices

Standard and Practices

Skill Hut is privileged to announce that it has achieved a sustainable growth in last couple of years. We do feel that the trust and confidence shown by the clients increase the obligations of Skill Hut also to a great extent. The people of Skill Hut are ready to accept the challenge of continuous improvement to meet the growing expectations of the clients.

Skill Hut feels that a defined set of standards and practices can achieve the goals of both the ends and build a sustainable business relationship.

Standards and Practices


Skill Hut believes in transparency and wants to devise a mechanism to allow you to have a better understanding of the deliverables to enable you with the power of a conscious decision

Clearly Stated Deliverable

The industry experience reveals that most of the problems are built up in any relationship due to lack of clarity in deliverable. It has been observed that the client and the service providers, both assume a lot of deliverable/ non-deliverable. Skill Hut in its proposal clearly states the deliverable including the macro and micro details.

Time Frame

Set of clearly stated deliverable by default make the time estimate much easier. The Deliverable of Skill Hut comes with Earliest Completion Dates and Latest Completion Dates. If any delivery gets delayed because of unforeseen circumstances, Skill Hut immediately gets back to the client to abreast him and reconfirms the dates on a mutually agreeable basis.

Platform and other issues

Skill Hut in the beginning freezes the platform, Database and other technical compliance in the beginning of any project on mutually agreeable basis. Skill Hut also provides advices on alternative ways to tackle any technical problem, that the client may face during the project.

Information Flow

The Dedicated Project Manager of Skill Hut becomes primarily responsible for interaction and ensuring the right flow of information. Skill Hut has got pre-defined interaction points. However, any client for any unresolved issues is free to contact the top management at any point of time. Any how Skill Hut believes on one-point communication and insists on one dedicated project coordinator from the client for any project in particular.

Grievances and Feedback

The process of Skill Hut has kept options of client’s feedback at various checkpoints. Every Project of Skill Hut does not deem completed without the client’s feedback in a pre-defined format, which needs to be duly signed by the client/ representative. Any how, off late, Skill Hut has built grievance resolve cell for specific issues. Skill Hut allows you to upscale the unresolved issues in a highly systematic way.

Last, but NOT the least, Skill Hut desires to offer the best return on investment to the client to create the best marketing media, word of mouth!

The brand that people trust is Skill Hut, as we are available


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