Corporate Governance

The corporate governance of Skill Hut is built upon the solid pillars of

  1. Open-ended Organization Structure
  2. Internal CRM
  3. Dedicated PM

The wealth of experience of the entrepreneur has made Skill Hut process driven in all its policies and acts. Skill Hut has designed a corporate governance even before the formal launch of the company, which has been maintained with great dignity.

Skill Hut has got an open-ended organization structure that defines Roles and Responsibilities of each executive and the internal CRM system ensures the quality system through strict input and output criteria for each functions.

Functional Managers hold the onus of such functions, where the top management reviews the adherence or deviation of quality parameters.

Never worry! Skill Hut allows you to interact directly with the top management, if your issues are not resolved according to your satisfaction.

Get the advantage of an organization which values commitment and quality. Contact Skill Hut today!