Colleges across the globe have always been reckoned as the intellectual factory for the blooming buds. Skill Hut, the education driven company has come up with several custom solutions for the colleges.

Skill Hut has been continuously engaged in the education segment since its inception. The constant efforts of Skill Hut in the college segment have been duly acclaimed and the honest endeavors have yielded a growing clientele in the college segment.

Web Solutions: We have provided various web solutions including our flagship product custom website design for several colleges

Online Admission: The rights to freedom and desperation of the Governmental authorities to make the admission process transparent, Skill Hut has opened up a new mechanism so that the applicants can get their ranks through flexible search options about their merit ranks. Such efforts have received acclaims from various colleges of Kolkata and districts of West Bengal.

Skill Hut has launched online college admission process for the current session. The utmost flexibility and ease of usage have become the Key features of the software.

Software Services: We have designed various tailor-made software for various target-specific systems of different colleges like Admission Software, Leave Management software or Library software

College Consultancy: Skill Hut has designed and implemented centralized computer systems including optimal utilization of existing resources

NAAC Consultancy: Skill Hut has been actively involved in designing SSR and presentations for NAAC certifications in various colleges, out of which some have achieved commendable grades from NAAC evaluation.

College Portals: Skill Hut has launched a revolutionary portal, College Notice Board Online, which empowers the colleges with the rights to publish infinite notices to the world at large to spread awareness to the concerned authorities and interested persons. Skill Hut has also launched Search A College that helps a student to find the best suited college according to his/ her choice.

The research of Skill Hut reveals that Colleges have been undergoing a transitional phase, which has paved an enormous scope for professional consultancy.

Young aspirants become lured by the glimpse and glitter of the modernized world propagated by various media, which has thrown a new challenge to all principals, college authorities and teachers to give a right and practical direction to these youngsters at this most vulnerable stage of life.

Skill Hut with its professional accomplishments in the education segment can become your true companion at this transitional phase to place you at a leading position letting others to follow.

The continuously growing number of colleges under the flagship of Skill Hut shows the trust and confidence, earned by Skill hut, due to its continuous patronage! Join the list and forge ahead.

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