A continuous endeavor in education

Skill Hut has shown its continuous focus in education segment for the most natural reasons. We had started with Skill Web School, which has been completely revamped in the recent past to make it more effective for the social community at large.

We have launched Search A College as your education gateway to facilitate the students community to find out their desired colleges or universities at their finger tips.

We have also launched Knowledge Mart, which should primarily enhance your knowledge through various facets . Info Skill Hub is well equipped to handle your information needs. We have also launched an education navigator to look for an educational institute in your own region. Our respect to Indian tradition, Ayurved Skill Hut, will help the people regarding their health and medicine.

We have launched Coder Circle, which aims at building your path from knowledge to wisdom.

We know the Internet users have grown up dramatically in the recent past, so we have launched the crawling information as well as search skill to make your search activity much more efficient and effective.

We surely hope to come up with much more featured subject specific web site in the upcoming years to cater to most common educational needs of the community.