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Educational Content

Educational Content

Why different modes of learning?

The inescapable human desire of innovation and the diversified necessity of the modern competitive world have given birth to different modes of education and training.

The Traditional mode of education through Instructor Led Training with its major setbacks has paved the ways to Computer Based Training and Web Based Training.

Content, the bridge between the Instructor and the Learner in ILT, has got even higher importance and relevance in case of WBT and CBT, where the content itself plays the role of a virtual instructor, as there is no existence of physical instructor in case of Web Based Training and Computer Based Training.

Unique Advantages

The unique advantages of WBT and CBT like flexi-timing, elimination of geographical location, learning at own comfort and pace have made them widely popular mainly in case of higher studies, where students hardly can afford to any pre-scheduled time frame in such a career-oriented world.

Skill Hut leverages the experience of launching such education portals have gained adequate expertise in designing the right content for the right set of target learners.

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If you have any requirement of educational content, don’t hesitate to call Skill hut. Skill Hut experts will contact you for a detailed analysis including the specific requirements and target sectors.

Skill Hut will submit you a detailed analysis report with recommendations and cost benefit analysis for your tacit approval before the actual start.

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