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Knowledge Club

Knowledge Club

Since the ancient times, the people have been found to adapt several process to quench their thirst of knowledge. A club that inculcates knowledge can become the pinnacle of expediter’s dream when it gets associated with fertility and development.

Skill Hut wants to remain a watch dog of an unforgettable adventurous journey for the knowledge explorers with active participation from your all.

Skill Hut being a knowledge company values human resources the most, as human resources act as the key raw materials for products and services, which has been hoisting the flag of skill Hut.

We value other resources, from where the human brain earns that typical knowledge base to achieve an ever-grinning face of the customer at the end of the day.

We arrange seminars, training sessions, workshops, guest lectures to enhance the knowledge of the people and the hi-end research lab is open to all of our internal people, the blood and flesh of Skill Hut.

Primary Resources

Awareness and Updates

Internet Books and Periodicals
Guest Lectures

Skill Enhancement

Internet – Our state-of-the art Research center with hi-speed internet connection
Training Sessions

Our people frequently participate indifferent conferences to remain up-to-date.

Knowledge Sharing

Skill Hut has formulated a knowledge house, where experienced academicians and veteran industry experts are involved to share there valuable experience with the people of Skill Hut. Additionally most of the modules are tested by the knowledge house members for independent testing and their comments.

Academicians study the modules from the conceptual point of views and industry experts study the modules from the implementation and the effectiveness point of views.

Skill Hut believes that the litmus test by the academicians and the industry experts add tangible value to all the products and services of Skill Hut.

The brand that people trust is Skill Hut, as we are available


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