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Web Trend

Web Trend

The recent search engine algorithm has implied vast changes in the complete paradigm of web solutions. A greater emphasize on even techniques and tools have envisaged the need on a revolutionary change in all the facets of web solutions.

Points to be noted for web solutions

  1. Newer technologies for dramatic performance improvement is now out-dated.
  2. Client-Server applications are phasing out.
  3. Cross-platform applications, introduced by CORBA and Microsoft are riding at the crest of the popularity wave that has swept across.
  4. Modular development in place of an independent system to enhance the future up gradation scope in the form of plug and play.
  5. Induction of Function based solution rather than only technology driven solution.
  6. Emergence of new technologies and techniques have become rapid.
  7. Internet era has clearly defined the trend in web applications rather than Intranet applications.
  8. The technology marvels have paved the scope of merging websites with existing in-house applications
  9. The Right of Information has been acknowledged even at various Government levels
  10. The need for global data warehouses for exchanging information and knowledge has emerged.

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