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Research and Development

Research and Development

Research, the cherished tradition of human beings to express his innovation has been given the final impetus by Internet and its allied services.

The experienced research and development skill has explored skill hut to become

  1. Unconventional
  2. Unrevealed
  3. Untrodden

Thus enabling its invaluable customers to be immensely benefited by its modern approaches.

Today, who needs to physically move for research, when he gets most of the relevant books or articles and latest journals from and through Internet. The popularity of Internet has also emphasized on research as a key activity, as the rapid change of the competitive world is clearly visible to all concerned and the Jet speed of Internet leaves us with a subdued worry among people to miss the opportunity of being a leader.
One has got every chance to miss the bus…

Skill Hut, being a knowledge company of 21st century, has been continuously focusing on research activities. The association of Skill Hut, since its inception, with the education segment has further envisaged the need of research activities.

Skill Hut leverages the experience of doing research on Internet and Data Collection for more than two years as one of its prime business forte.

Research is a very common phenomena for us for web site development, content development and SEO activities, which have been constantly changing

Skill Hut – Projects Accomplished

  • Company Segmentation
  • Civil Rights Movements in Texas
  • School Teaching Methodologies in USA
  • BOD Representation of Venture Capital companies in the funded companies
  • Real Estate in USA
  • Search Engine positioning
  • Spring and Summer Breaks Travel Guides in Texas
  • Mental Health and its treatment methodologies
  • IT Job Market in UK Keyword

Research on Alternate Medicine and Energy Resources

Skill Hut has envisaged the need of exercising options in alternative therapies and enhance the internal energy of body and mind of individuals to fight with the environment at this age, where stress, strain and stretch are the inevitable parameters of life.

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