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Web Projects

Web Projects

Skill Hut has shown excellence in various web projects targeted at varied segments for the overseas clients and also for domestic clients

A partial list

Shopping Cart for Hair Extension – This is a Fully customized Shopping cart with various features and a fully controllable from the Admin Panel. Different payment gateways have been incorporated. The profile maintains its sequence, even when the visitor switches over to different pages.

A travel information portal – All search conditions are met while searching depending upon the selection of radio button/ checkbox selected.

Shopping cart with provision for features selection for Mosquito Curtains – Another example of shopping cart with possible customization

Clone of GetaFreelancer- Besides the standard features, few Additional features like Editing Bids, Rotation of feature projects, restart of frozen projects etc. have been added

An Amazon Webstore – Shops More

Buy and Sell like Alibaba – This is a buying & selling portal. One can post/ modify/ delete companies and products for display. Buyer can select and buy. Buyers and sellers are communicated by email, where the email-id remains obscured to both. The user can use mail, forum etc, in the user’s area. Simply register and the system will automatically approve. However the Admin will be able to restrict user and all their activities.

Web Office – This is an web office, where a user can use all features required for maintaining his personal needs on the web including announcement, own email, database development, document management, event scheduler using a calendar etc. The user can form his own group and has got own admin features. The usual utility like shortcuts, my favorites, tools etc. are included.

Inventory Control – Its a real life inventory control system. One can find Stores Kardex, Pending MRNs, Rejection report etc. A user can key in MRN and issue. The general user is restrained from adding new item to the stores, which is under the domain of the Admin only. The messages are shown when a general users try to get into the Master Maintenance menu.

A scooter e-commerce site for moped stock – A shopping cart exclusively for scooters. Featured items are rotated on the sidebar and complete control of the admin has been ensured.

Sales Quote Management System for Inftek Hosting – A sales Quote management system allows sales representative to generate a quote based on the price of each item, populated from the database. They also get an option of changing the price, but subject to the approval of the Admin. A permissible discount is also available. Admin can create user accounts and handle the master database. Interactive emails are generated at each step and the quote can be sent to the client along with attachments by email, just by pressing a button.

Customized Shopping site using OS Commerce for My Beauty Store – High level customization on the OS Commerce template and features.

Link Management with health checking for Linkz DB

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