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Trace the History

Trace the History

The pro metric certifications have been continuing for long. Sun, Oracle and Microsoft have been continuing their online certifications for years. Many educational portals have come up in the recent past including some top shots coming up with their eLearning mode.

eLearning or web education or internet learning caters to the need of the age group between 6 and 65, virtually implying all age group.

If a housewife does not find time or a senior executive of a multi-national firm feels shaky for attending courses with the junior people, eLearning is the only solution for him or her to accomplish further education and enhance the knowledge base.

Why Skill Hut?

The wealth of experience of content development and the ability to analyze the need of the target sector of Skill Hut have made it’s educational content unique. The Knowledge House tests the Presentation, Innovation, Research and Techniques applied in the module and tests it efficiency and effectiveness through our unique processes, determined by quantifiable acceptance criteria Skill Hut has got people with wide experience in education & training for a varied target sectors like hi-end top notch IT professionals, Post-Engineering IT training, Soft Skills, College goers, school children etc.

This experience of content development is reflected in every design of Skill Hut.

Skill Hut envisages……

A recent research reveals that most of the colleges had purchased some packages for automation and started implementing them in their own way, but were ultimately undone resulting in utter frustration and wasted money and human resources.

Skill hut envisages the need for simultaneous training for all students and staff members to invite a complete IT Savvy Environment.

The Brand that the people trust is Skill Hut, as we are available


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