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Skill Hut is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization

Skill Hut envisages the need of devising a process that can produce quality services through its clear focal points – efficient, effective and evaluative.

Quality is equivalent to Process

Our continuous endeavor to offer quality services to our discerning customers through uniquely defined processes is achieved by the following way

Stringent Process
Predefined Checkpoint
Quantifiable Acceptance Criteria

The world economic scenario is passing a transition phase, where the open market system has widened the varieties of options to the prospective buyers. We believe that the rat race will come to an end in the near future where glitters of free gifts or free visit to Switzerland will not cut any ice on the minds of the customers.

We do believe that the market will freeze and only the products/ services with standard quality will sustain in the long run and adherence to stringent process can only yield the desired level of quality.

Process Orientation is the Keyword at Skill Hut

Internally we execute CRM between our own departments, which insists on quality input and output for each department. As each department needs to ensure the quality output, they have implemented strict acceptance criteria for input also. The cycle is cascaded through out the organization, where quality is truly embedded among all the functions of our people.

Skill Hut arranges frequent training and workshop for the people to act as a reminder for people to be on track.

All our systems and process are under continuous refinements and reformations to serve our customers even better.

Difficult but Possible

We believe attaining a certain standard and maintaining the same universally is difficult but not impossible. We try to minimize the human factor through a rigid system, where there are multiple checkpoints to ensure the standard.

Everybody knows quality delivery requires adequate time and cost and we hardly demand that we go by L1.

How Skill Hut Checks?

1) Any program/ module developed by the programmer is tested at the initial level by the programmer itself.

2) When it is sent to the team leader, who is responsible for the module/ part, he integrates it with the main flow and checks the program.

3) When it goes to the PM level, who is responsible for the entire project, he checks the program in an integrated form

4) The testing and Optimization team checks the quality/ efficiency of the program

We follow certain programming standards (developed by experienced Project Managers of different companies) from the Design stage itself, so any programmer or developer is bound to work under the same framework.

Skill Hut achieves the desired standards through well defined Checkpoints, Strict Input & Output Criteria and well formulated Quantifiable evaluation.

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