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Online Feedback

Online Feedback

The whole world is being measured in terms of quality and hence Skill Hut has expanded its online realm to include an online feedback system for the quality conscious colleges. More and more colleges are racing forth to acquire a better grade in their NAAC accreditation in which the feedback system plays a crucial role.

The online feedback is worth its weight in gold as it contains within its folds the blue print to attaining a qualitative approach to all college activities.

The online feedback includes the student feedback, the faculty feedback as well as the peer level feedback. The online feedback system comprises of two distinct user levels. One is the admin while the other is the user. The users are created by the admin, who provides each individual user with a unique username and password for logging in.

Skill Hut’s online feedback system is web based and meant to accumulate feedback in a swift and uncomplicated manner. A feedback form is generated once the user logs into the system. It is obligatory for the user to answer all questions for which different grades are to be marked as the feedback. The user may be a student, faculty or staff of the college but basics for them remain the same. It will never be possible for any user to view another user’s feedback as this may lead discrimination. It is only the admin who is the super user advisably the principal/head of the college who has the permission to view any feedback.

Students of a particular department submit their feedback for the different faculty members which can be easily accessed by the admin. This system being online is more accurate and secure than the existing paper feedback system as the work is done faster and the storage better. This feedback system can be utilized to judge the faculties of the college based on their performance. The process of insertion, retrieval and updating of the feedback details provided by the users becomes simple when compared to the manual feedback system. The data from the faculties and staff are collated to generate graphs that are easy to decipher. The SSR of the colleges have an entire section that relates these feedback graphs and many important decisions are taken and implemented based upon them.

Skill Hut now aims to assist all colleges in achieving the ultimate in quality in all spheres. Each and every product of Skill Hut simply adds on transparency that has become the buzzword in the college domain today.

Skill Hut, an ISO 9001:2015 company has successfully implemented Online Feedback System in

  • Surendranath College
  • Dr. Meghnad Saha College
  • Surendranath Evening College
  • Gobindo Prasad Mahavidyalaya
  • Sonarpur Mahavidyalaya
  • Balurghat College
  • Chanchal College
  • Hooghly Mohsin College

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