Why a Website?

Website is the best way to express yourself to the world at large. If you want to publicize your activities, then a website is a must for you.

Can Website be the marketing tool?

Off Course yes! As Internet has become the most popular media for marketing, Website is the key marketing tool for today and tomorrow.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of pages that exhibits your profile or the products and services you want to advertise.

What are Web pages?

Web Pages are .htm/ .html/ . asp/ .php or any such page, which can be viewed using a web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape etc.

Where does the website reside?

The website resides in a web server. The common practice is to higher space from various hosting companies, so that your website is up and running 24×7×365. Even one can use his own web server, provided the server is up 24 hrs a day.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address, which uniquely identifies your website in the proliferated cyberspace. There are certain rules to be strictly adhered to while deciding on the domain name, the primary condition of which is that the name cannot be pre-occupied.

What is the Home Page?

It is generally the index page of your website, which describes the unique features/ objectives/ goals of your profile with focus on promotional activities. In the absence of Index page, the home page is treated as the Home Page

How are the other pages linked with the Home Page?

Generally by menu or by various linking methodologies, mostly depends upon your choice and requirements.

Can I add/ remove/ modify pages at a later stage?

Surely Yes. As the site owner you have always got the flexibility of addition/ alteration/ removal of pages at your own discretion.

How to design a website?

If you have specialized html programming knowledge, you can design on your own or else you can even design the website from the plenty of free web templates available over the Internet, where it is just wysyg operations. You can also consult any professional web solution company/ consultant for designing your website.

How to book a domain?

There are plenty of registrars available over the Internet. You can choose any of them and book your domain name and server space.

What is the approximate budget?

It depends upon your choice and requirement. The fixed component is the design charges, if you higher an external consultant. This starts from $50 and ends exactly where you want to end. The variable component is the fees for domain name and web space booking per annum starts with $25 to $100 depending upon your requirement.

How to start?

You need to book the domain and hosting from any reputed concern. You need to develop the pages and then host them in your server.

Can we develop a website on our own?

You can develop a website on your own. You can choose a template from many providers, available all over the internet. You need simple tools like dreamweaver or frontpage to develop a website. If you want to change the graphics, you need to use photoshop or flash depending upon your requirement.

Does the Hosting company provide any assistance?

many hosting companies provides templates (free or priced) as value added service to their customers.

Do we require any professional help?

As web design has become widely popular today, many professional companies have emerged in the market. The best advantage is that the professional companies can design your website and arrange even domain booking and hosting as per your requirement.

Do We need to know programming to launch a website?

Every website and web pages have got a very basic level of programming, which is mainly HTML programming. If you buy or download a template, then even the template is customized in such a way, that you can go even without programming. The main requirement of programming comes into the picture, when you want your website to server multiple purpose, which may require even database handling.

Can we get ready made scripts?

Today Internet has become a prime source of getting the script, of your requirements. You have got plenty of such websites on the Internet and you can use search engine to find out your required application.

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