Skill Hut – the brand shines

Skill Hut with its high level of aspirations of implementing its vision of a Total Quality Management Solutions has accelerated its momentum to shift its orbit from a web solutions company to an education management solutions company with its niche products like Online Admission, Online Examination and Online Feedback Management systems. It is worth mentioning that Skill Hut, since its inception at 2004, has been able to retain its same name unlike the mushrooming companies, who changes their names like chameleon, just to come out of the stains. Instead Skill Hut has only shown its impetus in increasing its bandwidth, whereby professional accomplishments have supplied the additional energy.



  • 2004 – Web Solutions
  • 2006 – Web Content
  • 2007 – NAAC Accreditation Processes
  • 2009 – Search Engine Optimization
  • 2013 – Online Admission
  • 2014 – Online Student Management
  • 2015 – Online Library Management
  • 2016 – Online Examination & Online Feedback Management


An Education Management Solution Company: Skill Hut